Mechatronic Systems Integration long term objective is to build a global enterprise. Growth will be stimulated by market share gains, aggressive new product development, international expansion, and acquisitions.

Information policy
Mechatronic Systems Integration, as a publicly traded company, is committed to communicating in a timely and consistent way to shareholders, potential investors, financial analysts, customers, suppliers, the media and other interested parties. Mechatronic Systems Integration ensures that material information pertaining to its businesses is disseminated in a manner that complies with its obligations under the rules of the stock exchanges where its shares are listed: Pink Sheets

Mechatronic Systems Integration publishes an annual and quarterly reports consisting of an Operational review and financial review. The Operational and Financial reviews provide information on the results of Mechatronic Systems Integration businesses. The Financial review provides the unaudited financial statements for the reported year and quarters, as well as an analysis of Mechatronic Systems Integration business results.